Terms of Use

This site is the only authorized online memorial to the life of Jodi McQueen. All elements contained therein are privately produced, are authorized for use only on, and all rights are reserved. None have any commercial consideration. The site is provided by the McQueen family as an alternative means of access to works created or collected by Jodi McQueen, as well as to her private memorial service on August 13, 2013.  

Artistic works in all expressions are respected and acknowledged, and shared with the same expectation. Creative and personal works created by Jodi McQueen are protected under copyright, including music, vocal performances, lyrics, letters, paintings, photographs, and needlework. The memorial service is copyrighted as a complete work, and copyrights are acknowledged for elements included in the memorial service and music where appropriate. “Love In Your Hands” is protected in all manifestations, including the music video, her recordings, and the choir performance. The time-lapse cinematography used in the “Love In Your Hands” music video is also protected by copyright. Still photographs are provided courtesy of the McQueen family, Robert G. Schinella, Milton H. Greene, Philip E. Pegler, and Barbara Keller.

Appreciation is expressed to all persons who participated in or contributed to the memorial service and video production.

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